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Al TIRAZ Communication network provides total solution covering all aspects of security and safety needs for commercial, industrial and residential environment, tailor-made by a professional team of specialists to meet the requirements of public and private sector entities such as hotels, offices, factories, residential and commercial properties in the UAE.

The CCTV surveillance systems in Ras Al Khaimah have played a major role in helping police, security forces, and the public strengthen safety. The Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) features a network of cameras and monitors that are connected. The CCTV systems capture the video or the images through the camera, which can be later viewed on a monitor. Manufacturers in Ras Al Khaimah have been developing advanced CCTV surveillance systems over the recent years, which offer better clarity, more recording time and other features. The primary customers of CCTV surveillance systems include police, security forces, homeowners, hospitals and owners of commercial complexes and shops.

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To provide planned and improved IT products, services and processes that not only meets mandatory needs but surpasses client and customer expectation. Aspire for success through careful planning and dedication in providing the most extensive range of products and services for the best value.

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To be the leading IT Company in providing exceptional customer service and to be known as well organize team conquering UAE's IT world.

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To be recognized as “A Winning Solution” to various companies in our growing IT industry, to create excellent value with our partners, to be the ideal workplace for employees and to be renowned in providing quality software globally.