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Access Control & Home Automation Installation Services

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For years, big businesses and government agencies have used access control and now it has become affordable for homeowners as well as small to medium businesses. The applications are endless! You can now set your front door, garage door or entrance to a business to be opened with finger prints, RFID cards, pin codes and even using Blue tooth via your smart-phone! Stop worrying about your children losing their keys, or alleviate the need for new locks after firing an employee. With Access Control, all you need to do is wipe their info from your computer. There are many uses for access control. For example, say you want to give a visitor to your office access for the day and only for certain doors. You wouldn't want them to gain access to your control room. You can limit their access with a simple configuration in the software. Our expert Access Control Installers can take all the guesswork out of the equation and set you up with exactly what you need. Plus, when they are all finished installing the Access Control, Panels, Readers, Door Locks, etc, they can train you how to use the system and start giving your employees their access control cards. Give us a call to see how Access Control can start saving your company from unwanted visors and keep your assets and valuables safe.

Access Control

We have a wide range of Access Control Products and accessories available. If you are looking for controlling access for 1 door or for 100 doors, we have exactly what you need. Building security is a hot issue right now and security cameras are only one line of defense. When you combine Access Control Proximity Card Readers and Electronic Door Locks with your CCTV Camera System, you will have increased your security exponentially.

Whatever your budget and/or your inspection process, we have the right system for you. Do you need a UL Listed Door Lock? We have that. Are you looking for an affordable access control system for a small office? We have you covered. Do you need to update your whole office building or hospital with all new state-of-the-art encrypted Access Control Readers. We have that too. In fact, we are the leading suppliers for Encrypted Access Control cards with the high security PSK format that is used in many government buildings and hospital.

We can custom design an access control system to meet your specific needs. We work on all types of buildings from small to large applications. An access control system can keep your property secure from unwanted entry. Knowing when and who enters your building at all times will help you manage your business and limit your losses